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    As a flagship brand in LED energy-saving lamp industry in Guangdong Province, China . "Dongguan Huifeng Photoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd." has formed the competitive advantages with respect to the scale, specialization, branding and industrialization, is one of the largest  outdoor high-voltage LED lighting professional manufacturers  in Guangdong . Huifeng photoelectronic takes “engaging in energy-saving cause, creating own world-class brand (OUSHENG Lighting)” as the business goals, and take advantages of China’s advocacy on energy conservation and environment protection, and the adherence to the new energy development, based on the core position of Guangdong in China. We will focus on a variety of directions including brand development strategy, the professional industry research and analysis in fields such as road lighting ,tunnel lighting, industrial and mining enterprises , landscape engineering design, lighting accessories distribution supply, joining the national dealers , forming a flourishing strategy system and pattern. Huifeng photoelectric has conducted in-depth technology research and discussion and resource optimization and integration of related industries, to build the most competitive new energy (LED) industry integration and brand echelon , leading the development of energy saving at home and abroad. After years of development, Huifeng photoelectric’s sales networks are throughout the world, and our products enjoy leading position in a variety of fields such as electronic science and technology, lighting, environmental protection and so on, providing high-quality and environment-friendly lighting products for Chinese energy-saving lighting cause.