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LED Outdoor Lighting

Roads just like an artery to human bodies. Main lighting includes LED street lamp, LED solar street lamp, which can fully meet the needs of pedestrians and vehicles in the nighttime. Tunnel lighting employs professional tunnel lamps which are specifically designed for tunnel lighting, made of aluminum alloy die casting, equipped with high-purity aluminum reflector, enjoying strong mechanical properties, light weight, good thermal performance and anti-corrosion electrostatic spraying. Tunnel lighting can be mounted on top or on the side, and appropriate measures against shock shall be taken, for the convenience of maintenance and replacement of light. Lamps of tunnel lighting shall employ anti-glare design, in order not to hinder the vehicle driver's line of sight..

LED Indoor Lighting
Indoor lighting is an important part of interior environment design which should be conducive to human activity’s safety and comfortable life. In people's lives, light is not just for the indoor illumination, but also a basic element to express spatial form and to create environmental atmosphere. Ganna Bokayleeds said: "Space doesn’t exist without light." Illumination is extremely essential to human beings’ visual function. Indoor natural light or lighting design shall functionally satisfy a variety of needs of human beings activities, but also attach importance to the lighting effects of the space.
LED Commercial Lighting
Commercial lighting originates from the appearance of public business places. In order to meet the illumination needs in business places, lighting systems applicable to commercial occasions appears. Applicable scenarios include: clothing, jewelry, ceramics, furniture stores and malls, leisure and entertainment venues. Commercial lighting has extremely high quality requirements, and its main products include: LED track spotlight, LED grille spotlight , LED down lamp, LED trunk lamp, LED fluorescent lamp and other illumination lamps. OUSENG lighting with professional quality can fully meet the different needs of the markets.


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