Module type lamp (60W-300W)

Module type lamp (60W-300W)

The radiator adopts high thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, strong corrosion resistance of 6063# aluminum alloy, the installation is simple and convenient, can freely adjust the irradiation angle. Standard replaceable module (independent research and development of waterproof to wiring), ADC12# aluminum alloy die casting end cover.


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产品型号 功率 模组 发光角度 产品尺寸 产品材质
数量 规格
HF-LD60W-M1 60W 2 2*6 横向140°,纵向60° 531×362×98mm



HF-LD90W-M1 90W 3 2*6 598×362×98mm
HF-LD100W-M1 100W 2 3*8 598×362×98mm
HF-LD120W-M1 120W 4 2*6 665×362×98mm
HF-LD150W-M1 150W 3 3*8 703×362×98mm
5 2*6 732×362×98mm
HF-LD180W-M1 180W 6 2*6 799×362×98mm
HF-LD200W-M1 200W 4 3*8 808×362×98mm
HF-LD210W-M1 210W 7 2*6 866×362×98mm
HF-LD240W-M1 240W 8 2*6 933×362×98mm
HF-LD250W-M1 250W 5 3*8 913×362×98mm
HF-LD300W-M1 300W 6 3*8 1018×362×98mm