Single plate lamp (14W-196W)

Single plate lamp (14W-196W)

LED flat lamp, using the 1W high power LED chip, with the advantages of long service life, light a small decline, the power to do 14W-196W, customer acceptance, high. There are in-line, back hanging (adjustable angle) of two different structure, suitable for road lighting occasions: City, village, expressway, industrial area.


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产品型号 功率 灯珠数量 产品尺寸 材质
HF-LD28W-D1 28W 28PCS 400×308×80mm 铝+钢化玻璃
HF-LD42W-D1 42W 42PCS 400×308×80mm
HF-LD56W-D1 56W 56PCS 450×308×80mm
HF-LD70W-D1 70W 70PCS 500×308×80mm
HF-LD84W-D1 84W 84PCS 550×308×80mm
HF-LD98W-D1 98W 98PCS 600×308×80mm
HF-LD112W-D1 112W 112PCS 650×308×80mm
HF-LD126W-D1 126W 126PCS 600×308×80mm
HF-LD140W-D1 140W 140PCS 650×308×80mm
HF-LD154W-D1 154W 154PCS 700×308×80mm
HF-LD168W-D1 168W 168PCS 750×308×80mm
HF-LD182W-D1 182W 182PCS 800×308×80mm
HF-LD196W-D1 196W 196PCS 850×308×80mm